Social Events

Delegates and accompanying persons are welcome to participate in social events:


Welcome Reception  

Wednesday 11th September – 18:00
The welcome reception will take place at the event venue located directly at the river Main with a stunning view to the Festung Marienberg. Congress Centrum Würzburg is a popular venue for different type of conferences, events and concerts.

Gala Dinner

Thursday 12th September – 20:00
Our Gala Dinner will take place at the Balthasar Neumann Residenzgaststätten located right next to the Würzburg Residence. Besides local and international dishes, the restaurant also serves the well-known Franconian wine.

The restaurant is named after the famous architect of the Würzburg Residence:
Balthasar Neumann * 27.1.1687 – † 19.8.1753.

Würzburg Residence
Unlike other famous residences such as the Munich Residence, which evolved over some five hundred years and thus incorporates the styles of quite different periods, the Würzburg Residence (UNESCO world heritage) was built in its entirety, with short interruptions, almost within a single generation.
The architects drew their inspiration from an area extending from Vienna to Paris and from Genoa and Venice to Amsterdam. The building embodies the attainments of Western architecture of its day, French château architecture, Viennese baroque and the religious and secular architecture of northern Italy and is a synthesis of the arts of astonishing universality.

For delegates, the registration fee includes payment for all social events. For accompanying persons an additional fee for Gala Dinner is required. For more information about events for accompanying persons please send an email to the event office.